Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Licensees losing everything

The Morning Advertiser, the pub trade newspaper, is reporting that 117 licensees facing eviction have contacted the trade union Unite and Justice For Licensees in the last four weeks alone. The article is here. For many licensees, eviction is the final stage: they will at this point have lost their business, lost their savings, and finally in many cases are losing their home. While the political wheels move slowly, and we debate the causes on our blogs, ordinary hard-working people - many with families - are losing all hope and going to the wall.


  1. I feel sorry for those 117 licensees but why have they left it so late to contact Unite and Justices For Licensees. It's strange that 'insurance' is often sort when it's too late. I hope that those licensees that survive this recession consider the bad times, the squeeze that pubcos have put on them and organise (collectively) for it.

  2. Why have they left it so late? Human nature, I think. I was a trade union officer for 24 years and often people came to me at the end a process when they were facing possible dismissal, instead of the beginning of the process when they might only be facing a warning. There were cases when I knew I could have saved their jobs if only they'd come to me earlier.

    I suspect the same is happening here. I completely agree with your last point.


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