Saturday, 5 September 2009

Cold comfort

I was in Dale Street, Liverpool, for a meeting yesterday and took the opportunity to go to two of the great pubs in the area. In the Vernon, I was served a pint of Goff's Jouster, which had a distinct haze, and was also too cold for real ale. The barmaid told me that the haze was caused by the temperature, which is plausible, and that there was little that could be done about this. I'm sure she wasn't lying, but I'm not convinced she was right. After my previous visit, I had nothing but praise for this pub, and was therefore slightly disappointed with being presented with cold, hazy beer. The beer wasn't off and I have had considerably worse, but I know this pub can do better. Let's hope it was just a glitch.

Going on to the Ship & Mitre, the beer was excellent and just the right temperature, so we stayed there for the rest of the evening. The Vernon had six real ales on and the Ship & Mitre had at least double that. In ale terms, Dale Street must be the best street in Liverpool and with Moorfields station just around the corner is very easy to get to from Southport.


  1. Chill haze goes away my man as beer approaches 50F. One way to tell would be to leave it for 15 minutes and see if the hazes dissapears.

  2. I'm sure you're right, but after 15 minutes most of the pint had disappeared!


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