Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Jazz nights move to the Shrimper

I have learned that the jazz nights at the Richmond have moved to the Shrimper in Fylde Road (PR9 9XP).  You can find details of forthcoming bands here, and I'll go on putting them in the What's On column to the left.  I've no idea why they have moved, but this jazz club does seem to lead a peripatetic existence; I think it's been based in the Hesketh and the Albert prior to the Richmond.  The Shrimper serves a well-kept pint of Tetley cask bitter, and good value food too.


  1. To be fair it was at the shrimper for years - a better venue and a great place to buy cheap 'stuff'

  2. I've heard since my original post that the jazz fans wanted to move back to the Shrimper because of the food. Whether that relates to quality or price, I'm not sure.


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