Monday, 14 December 2009


I'm mystified as to how some spammers find my little blog.  I don't have the huge readership that some beer bloggers such as Tandleman have.  Perhaps he gets a lot more spam than I do. Recently I have had postings about holidays in Jaipur, an advert for a music website (at least I can see a link there), and today a comment, "An interesting posting. I'd like to know more about this theme. Thanks for the info.  Sexy Lady, London."  While I'd like to think that sexy ladies in London are genuinely interested in the temperature of the real ale in a pub in Dale Street, Liverpool, I had my doubts.  Clicking on the link, I found myself on a website for call girls in London.  I'm not sure that CAMRA's efforts to make real ale popular with women have been that successful, but you never know:  perhaps London beer festivals have an exceptionally glamorous clientèle.

Out of curiosity, I checked the minimum price:  £150 for an hour, plus (I expect) drinks on top as well.  Somehow I doubt she'd be drinking London Pride.

I have of course deleted all spam.


  1. I get very little spam and then usually only on very old posts. I just delete it.

  2. That's interesting, although I noticed you got spam on your latest posting about the poppy Christmas tree.

  3. I dunno, Tandles, you've still got spam as of now.

    £150 an hour? Thats London for you...

  4. I was once accosted by a lady of generous virtue on Lime Street ~ talk about living the cliché! The trouble was, I was in my 20s and she was about 60, but not in a Joanna Lumley sort of way. Her mates led her away, perhaps to save her making a fool of herself.


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