Tuesday, 19 July 2011

When Jones's ale was new, me boys ...

A new brewery near Wigan: Jones Brewery, set up by Neil Jones, who's had 20 years experience of the brewing industry.  Ken Worthington of Wigan CAMRA told me about this, and I get the impression they knew nothing about it until it was up and running.  The brewery is in Haigh (pronounced 'hay', I believe), which is North West of Wigan.  I hadn't heard of Haigh, but it does look very small; it doesn't even appear in my road atlas.

Their normal range consists of a dark bitter, a stout and a pale ale, with a seasonal winter warmer and the intention to brew other seasonal beers.  I'm looking forward to trying their beers out, perhaps on one of my visits to Wigan.

The title of this post is explained here!


  1. You wont actually find Haigh as a town. It's the area of Wigan that surrounds Haigh Hall and Country Park, a 350 acre estate and the former home of the Earl of Balcarres. It's a large Manor house and the grounds now contain a golf course and a miniature railway amongst other attractions.

    I would be very interested to know where where their beer is been sold.
    This brewery now joins Allgates, Mayflower and Prospect as Wigan based breweries.

  2. Wigan is becoming something of a real ale oasis in the area. If I find anything about where you can get Jones' beers, I'll post it on the blog.

  3. It's available at Stables Brasserie in the town centre by the bottle

  4. it means a trip across border to St Helens town centre but I will have it on at Olde England pub this weekend coming (12th) web site for pub www.1854pub.com Regards Julia licensee of O E

  5. Just want to point out to Red Nev that Haigh (pronounced Hay as you mention) is actually North East of Wigan (not North West) and very close to Aspull which might be on your map. I live near Wigan and cant find it on draught anywhere, and although I've phoned the mobile number of the brewery for help on this I still await a reply. Look's like the beer is pretty rare....good luck

  6. Just so you know, Jones Brewery has ceased brewing. Apparently Neil Jones has taken a job with a brewery so can't brew in competition. If you managed to try the beer you were lucky as I couldn't find it before it ceased and I live 2 miles from Haigh!
    Cheers....Chris Coates

  7. it was crap anyway


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