Thursday, 8 September 2011

Beer festivals and stats

Looking at the stats for this blog, I see that my updated beer festival page is by far the most popular one on the blog with 83 recent hits, followed by my events page with 36.  I've included every kind of beer festival I can find, including those organised by CAMRA, Rotary, pubs, sports and social clubs and charities.  I've gone as far afield as Cumbria, Cheshire and the Manchester area because drinkers are often prepared to travel to a festival they like the look of.  Besides, there may be a few people in those areas who read this blog.  I also included one in Belgrade for a laugh, but I'm not sure anyone noticed.  There is of course looming close now our own Sandgrounder Beer Festival in Southport from 22 to 24 September - more info here.

While on the subject of stats, the 2nd anniversary of me installing the stats counter has just been reached (I installed it when the blog was 6 months old) on 1 September. In the first year of the counter, I got 7138 hits; in the second year the figure was 14,961, which is slightly more than double. I'm pleased about this indication that people find the blog a useful source of information which isn't collated anywhere else as far as I know.  And you definitely won't find my views, opinions and rants about beer and music anywhere else at all - for which no doubt some people will be eternally grateful!

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