Monday, 30 April 2012

May ~ Mild Month

Not the weather, although let's hope it does improve. Many years ago, CAMRA designated May to be Mild Month - why May I'm not sure, because I'd have thought March would be better (link here, and in right hand column) - but for better or worse, May it is.

Mild is a threatened beer style, having in the past been associated quite inaccurately with cloth caps and whippets, although there's nothing wrong with whippets, they're lovely dogs. It's usually dark, it shouldn't have an overpowering flavour, but that doesn't mean it should be bland and insipid, and it shouldn't normally be strong.

The Willow Grove, our local Wetherspoons Lloyds No. 1, has contacted our CAMRA branch about putting on two or three milds throughout the month in addition to the Cains Mild they have on all the time. This is a welcome idea because milds are a pleasant drink, and quite suitable when you have to go back to work after lunch, or if you have to drive. If I'm driving, I'd much rather have a pint of decent mild than two pints of shandy. In the case of Tetley's, I've always preferred drinking their mild to their bitter, even though I'm normally a bitter drinker.

You may well come across pubs putting milds on to celebrate May and mild month - give them a try. I can't guarantee you'll like them all, but I'd be surprised if you don't find something to your taste.


  1. I did mean to say that one of my favourite milds locally is Moorhouses Black Cat mild, which used to be on sale in the Windmill until the pub co insisted it be removed, despite healthy sales. I do wonder whether PubCo managers have any business sense at all.

  2. We're big fans of mild but Cornwall doesn't appear to be mild country, sadly. Even though St Austell make a mild (slyly renamed "Black Prince") it's hard to actually find on sale anywhere. Our local when we lived in London had a mild on year round (Mighty Oak Oscar Wilde, no less) which we're very much missing.

  3. I thought Cain's Mild in cask was occasional only? Glad to be wrong though as I like it.

  4. The Hopvine at Burscough are currently selling their own Burscough Brewery Flat Rib mild 3.6% at £2:00 a pint. Excellent beer and excellent value!

  5. Cains Mild isn't an occasional beer, but the brewery have been messing about with it. For instance, they told the Globe in Cases Street, where it was selling very well in cask, that they can only have it in smooth form. I've no idea why, but it makes a mockery of all the statements about Cains' commitment to real ale.

  6. As a fellow mild drinker - like you, I especially like Black Cat - you might be interested in this article (if you haven't seen it already) in which Martyn Cornell argues that there is no real difference between mild and old ale.

  7. I've just received this message from the Willow Grove, our local Lloyds No. 1:

    We have Conwy Brewery's Mulberry Dark 3.8% going on first and I have the following arriving tomorrow
    Naylors Velvet 4.0%
    Moorhouses Black Panther 4.8%

    East West have also made available
    Springhead Black Tom 3.8%
    Rudgate Ruby Mild 4.4%
    Oakleaf May Bee Mild 4.6%
    Wolf Woild Moild 4.8%


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