Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Into the top 50!

I've just noticed that this blog has jumped 23 places in the beer blog Hit Parade to 49: this is my highest position ever. However, I'm not going to get too smug, because my last big jump was a massive 46 places to 55 in January this year, which was immediately followed by a slightly less massive drop of 31 places in February. The blog rankings giveth, and the blog rankings taketh away ...

I've never made any appearance in the Hot 100 music blogs, but I can understand that because my music element is mostly, though not exclusively, slanted to music events where you can get real ale. I'm also not committed to a single type of music, unlike most of the other music blogs I've looked at, although folk and acoustic inevitably feature prominently, being the kind of music I'm mainly involved in.

My prediction is that next time I'll drop to 74, but we'll see in September how my Mystic Meg tribute act works out. It's a good job I don't take these things too seriously since I have previously seen my place in the rankings drop even though the number of visitors to the blog had increased. 

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  1. I actually dropped this month to 60, not 74, so Mystic Meg needn't worry just yet. It's funny how my stats show a significant increase in hits during the last month.


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