Monday, 29 October 2012

Zetland Beer Festival

I picked up a flyer at our CAMRA beer festival about one being held at the Zetland Hotel. It's planned to run from the 10 to 18 November with beer being sold from £2.25, with a try before you buy policy. They are also advertising three course meals for £4.95.

The last beer festival I remember at the Zetland was around 20 years ago when Dave Dobson, who invented the idea of the pub beer festival in the late 1980s when he ran the Bold in Churchtown, was in charge. The Zetland is a large pub in a residential area close to the Southport town centre.

The beers listed are:
  • York Guzzler.
  • Youngs Bitter.
  • St Austell Trelawney Bitter.
  • Nook Norton Cotswod Lion.
  • Bateman's Autumn Fall.
  • Everard Equinox Autumn.
  • Titanic A Night To remember.
  • Jennings Cumberland Ale.
The pub is in Zetland Street, Southport, PR9 0RH. ( 01704 808404. If anyone's wondering, Zetland is an old form of the name Shetland.


  1. What a shame there are no Southport Brewery or Burscough Brewery beers!

  2. Or Liverpool Organic. I agree it's what you might call a safe selection, but credit to them for trying.

    1. I agree with 99% of your blog but I think you are doing the Zetland a disservice. The Zetland should be commended not criticized. LocAle is a great initiative and pubs selling local beers get my vote. But at a beer festival I want to sup beers I would not normally get the option to try i.e. St Austell Trelawney bitter or Nook Norton Cotswold Lion. Well done Zetland.

  3. I'm sorry you see what I wrote as a criticism; it wasn't meant to be. I mentioned the beer festival because I'm pleased they're putting it on, and hope that the little publicity I can provide might help.

  4. Sorry.. "Or Liverpool Organic. I agree it's what you might call a safe selection, but credit to them for trying."
    This does sound damning with faint praise.
    I do love the RedNev blog and all it stands for. Keep up the good work.

  5. Point taken; I can see how it might read, but I was intending to publicise the festival, not knock it. Thanks for the positive comments about the blog.


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