Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Words coming back to taunt me

Oh, the irony of it all! Here I am, having written two posts on my blog arguing against the Dry January campaign, and writing "Don't forget pubs are for January too!" under my header, and what happens? I've gone dry on doctor's orders anyway as he's placed me on antibiotics for a vicious cold-like infection that has lasted for about four months. To be honest, I've not actually enjoyed a pint very much since well before Christmas anyway, as my taste buds have been affected. Even worse, I don't even feel like one, which are words I never thought I'd type here.

The infection has affected my singing too. Coughing and nasal congestion do contribute to the quality of your voice, but not in any positive way, so I've done very little singing in recent weeks. This is all bad news for the writer of a beer and music blog, not to mention CAMRA magazine editor, as work on that has fallen behind while I've felt under the weather.

The course is only for five days, fortunately. Sunday's my first day off the medicine, so I'll see how I feel about drinking (and singing) then.

I'll still be running my acoustic song session in the Lion in Liverpool on Thursday evening, although in rare situations like this I do struggle to find a soft drink that I can put up with, as most are too sickly sweet for me. I wonder whether the Lion does tea in the evening.


  1. Sorry to hear that, I suffered badly before christmas with cough then chest infection... I know how you feel.

    Hopefully the drugs will work fast!

  2. Put all money saved into a jar to remind you how much you have saved buy not wasting it in pubs to help you stay dry throughout the year. In times of difficulty consider the support available through AA. All the best.

  3. Hope you're feeling better soon, Nev. My Drinkuary's not got off to a good start either, for similar reasons. I'm due to see the doc tonight, and am hoping he won't put me on anti-biotics. Still, if they shift this hacking cough I've had for the past fortnight, it might be worth it!



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