Sunday, 17 February 2013

The most magnificent beer festival yet?

The Great Hall
I was sworn to secrecy about this, which is why I haven't mentioned it earlier, but as it's now on the internet the information is clearly no longer embargoed. Liverpool Organic Brewery, who to my mind have yet to brew a bad beer (that's not a challenge, chaps!), have organised a beer festival later this year in the magnificent surroundings of St George's Hall, which is on Liverpool's famous Lime Street. The beer festival website provides the following details:
  • More than 300 real ales and ciders in the Great Hall
  • Ales from more than 100 breweries across the UK
  • Live music at all sessions in the Concert Room
  • Continental beers and lagers
  • Locally sourced food
  • VIP reserved tables 
St George's Hall
The festival runs from Thursday 26 to Sunday 29 September. Admission is by ticket, which you can buy on-line via the website. Organisers of another beer festival in Liverpool might care to ask Liverpool Organic Brewery how easy it is to put tickets on-line! Tickets are £8, with a 38p booking fee. That's a bit hefty, but I expect the hire of this building won't be cheap; just regard some of that fee as an admission to an extravagantly beautiful building.

I've always wanted to see inside St George's Hall, but have never got a round to it; this seems to be the perfect opportunity.


  1. I've only become aware of this quite recently and it looks great in terms of choice and venue. It may just prove a nudge in the ribs for the organisers of a certain other beer festival.

  2. I honestly think LOB deserve enormous credit for this. I think it could be a real landmark event for beer in Liverpool.

    And if it's organised as well as the Waterloo festival, it'll be done right.

    I've already got my tickets..

  3. When I lived in Liverpool I did jury service there when it was the court. It was freezing. Should be good for the beer, but £8 is ouchy.

  4. Ok, I realise that £8 is on the high end of beer festival tickets, mind you Keswick is £14-£18. The hall is costing a fortune to hire, over double the Crypt. Also bear in mind we are going to make this a premium event with significant live music at all sessions. In reality it is £1 more than the crypt, AND we make a full 20% beer overall allowance so there is no disappoint for the last session. Mark LOB


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