Monday, 1 April 2013

Robinsons Do It Again

It looks like Robinsons Brewery is cutting a swathe through the music world. After the success of Build A Rocket Boys involving the group Elbow, and the launch of Iron Maiden’s Trooper, Robinsons have teamed up with Welsh guitarist Andy Fairweather Low. While Andy’s pop credentials are impressive - he was a founding member of 60s band Amen Corner and in recent years has toured with Roger Waters, Eric Clapton and Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings – it is to his solo career that Robinson’s have looked to for inspiration: specifically, his 1975 hit single, “Wide Eyed and Legless”.

The new beer, predictably called Wide Eyed and Legless, is described by Robinsons as a "golden ale with a rich rounded body, smooth bitterness and a subtle tang of malt and fruity aroma. It's a premium session bitter at 4.0% ABV, available in cask and bottle." 

Andy said: “When you've been touring as long as I have, you grow out of the wild rock and roll partying. After a while I just wanted to go to a nice pub for a quiet pint and unwind with friends. Being on tour gives you the ideal opportunity to find pubs and enjoy beers you’d never come across otherwise.

“When Robinsons first approached me, I assumed it was a practical joke, especially when they suggested that particular name, and I'm embarrassed to say I put the phone down on them! I'm very proud of this beer, made exactly to my personal taste. I'm just hoping now that others like it too.”

I've had Build A Rocket Boys several times in the Mason's in Southport, and I'm looking forward to trying Trooper; this is yet another one to look out for.


  1. They're certainly mopping up in that particular area. How long before you get a call, Nev?

  2. One of the better 1 April blog posts out today, I think.


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