Sunday, 29 May 2016

Stats: 100,000

Stat counter before & after a visit to the pub.
Last Friday evening, when I went out to the Guest House, the stat counter showed 99998 hits. By the time I got home a couple of hours later, the figure was 100003. In my absence, I'd reached six figures.

I wrote a post in 2010 reporting that I had reached 6,666 hits, and suggesting it was the number of ten beasts. I doubt I was certain then that I'd still be doing this blog nearly six years later. I've sometimes perused blogs randomly and have found quite a few that begin with a bold statement about what the blogger intends to achieve, and see that the grand plan has crumbled within half a dozen posts. In contrast, this post is my 1,262nd.

Forerunner of this blog
from 9 years ago this month.
So why do we write blogs? I'd say that we all have different reasons: for example, Curmudgeon's blog was originally, at least in part, to argue against the smoking ban, while the Ormskirk Baron reviews bottled beers. Some are campaigning, while others record meanderings around various pubs. Such variety makes them interesting. The original purpose of ReARM was to publicise local real ale and live music events - especially those where both were available. It began in March 2009, replacing the flyers I used to produce and distribute, which I found to be very costly in printing cartridges. By and large, it still serves that function, although its brief has expanded.

I wonder whether it will take me another seven years to clock up the next 100,000.

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