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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Scotch Piper on fire

The Scotch Piper 8 months ago
I've just seen on the news that the Scotch Piper in Lydiate is on fire. I visited this pub in April to write a review for the CAMRA page of the local paper; I also posted the article on this blog, where I recounted the local legend that explains how the pub got its name. The Scotch Piper is the oldest pub in the Merseyside and Lancs area - the pub sign on the front wall says AD 1320 - and it is a Grade II* listed building.

There are apparently no injuries. The fire brigade have stated that the blaze is purely external, and started when the thatched roof caught fire just after 3.00 pm today.

I seem to remember that this pub had a serious fire 20 or 30 years ago, but then I suppose that thatch is easily inflammable.


  1. Are Smith, Brown and Macintyre accounted for?

    1. Very good: I get the reference - I wonder how many others will?


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