Thursday, 12 January 2017

Stamping a place on the gravy train

The mark of Satan?
It's nice when politicians have their finger on the pulse of the burning issues of the day. Bill Etheridge, an MEP for UKIP, a single issue party that has achieved its sole objective, is now looking around for something to justify continuing to receive his Euro-salary (three times the UK national average wage) from an institution he claims to hate. He's come up with a demand that the UK should reintroduce the old crown stamp on our pint glasses instead of the EU-wide CE mark.

He asserts that, "All drinkers remember the crown mark, knowing that it guaranteed them a full pint, indeed there are still some around." All drinkers? Perhaps it's true of some more mature drinkers, but
not of those who came of drinking age after the introduction of the CE mark. Regardless of the hyperbole, the real point is: do British drinkers - whatever their age and whether or not they remember the crown stamp - worry about this? I haven't done a survey, but I seriously doubt that anyone could care less.

Bill Etheridge: worth every penny!


  1. This loony idea comes from the same people who want to bring back passports with the old blue covers. They’ll want to bring back pounds, shillings and pence next!

    The CE mark is a sign of quality, which is recognised the world over. If these kipper nutcases knew what companies have to go through, in terms of procedures, quality standards and generally running a “tight ship”, in order to get products accredited under the CE marking system, they wouldn’t dismiss these things so lightly.

    If people like Mr Etheridge have their way we are likely to see a general watering down of quality standards in this country; to say nothing of a dilution employment legislation, coupled with an erosion of workers rights. Still, “We’ve got our borders back”; not that they were ever taken away!

    How we ever sleepwalked into this crazy Brexit nightmare is beyond me.

  2. If we opened our borders we'd be literally flooded! Just look at a map!

    (Not my own, but I thought it was worth repeating.)


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