Monday, 12 March 2018

Fine words butter no parsnips

I welcomed the statement by CAMRA's National Executive (NE) on discriminatory marketing of drinks and discriminatory behaviour by CAMRA members. It chimed in well with the subsequent anniversary of some women gaining the vote in this country. Also around a century ago, women workers were engaged in an additional struggle, that of being accepted by the trade union movement, as I wrote on another blog here.

It consequently seems perverse to me for CAMRA to announce that the organisation's new National Chairman is a woman called Jackie Parker. I accept that there are people, including some women, who will consider this unimportant, but if the campaign is as serious about discriminatory actions as the NE stated, it must also tackle discriminatory language within its own structures. If it doesn't, it is at best inconsistent and at worst hypocritical.


  1. Apparently Jackie has said that is how she wants to be referred to.

  2. Consistency is over-rated Nev.

  3. Chairman is a gender neutral word like spokesman or mankind

    1. Not everyone sees it that way.


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