Friday, 30 July 2010

Belgian Beer Festival

It was a good night at the Woody Guthrie Folk Club in the Ship and Mitre, Dale Street, Liverpool last night.  Some great songs and as usual some good beers.  I had two golden beers, Northern Hit and Run (4.5%) and JW Lees Scorcher (4.2%) and finished with a 5.2% dark ale, Northern Deep Dark Secret, which was full bodied and slightly chocolatey. I think my favourite was the Lees.

While there, I noticed the Ship and Mitre was in the middle of its Belgian Beer Festival, which I hadn't known was on. If you're interested, its last day is Sunday 1st August.


  1. Praise for Scorcher? Excellent. was it hoppy?

  2. It did have a hop finish, but not too much. I'd describe it as well-balanced.


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