Friday, 9 July 2010

The Lion sings tonight ... well, last night

The front room in the Lion Tavern
where we held the singaround
My first singaround in the Lion Tavern in Liverpool last night was quite a success. I had been worried I might be sitting there clutching my guitar on my own, but in the event eight other singers turned up, including local folk luminaries such as Colin Batho, Keith Price, Helen McCall and local singer songwriter Lizzie Nunnery, who accompanied her own compositions on a ukulele played in a rather unusual way. She doesn't do any George Formby, though. There was a great variety of songs, including traditional, gospel, originals, the Great American Songbook and a bit of rock & roll ~ not from me, for a change.

A good range of real ales was on, including JW Lees, but I stuck with Midsummer Madness, 4.7%, dry and golden, just the ticket when singing on a warm summer evening. 

After that promising start, we'll do it all again on Thursday 12 August.


  1. What are you implying?

    Songs I did included:
    "You're Dreaming of Elvis" (Lunchtime Legends); "The World Turned Upside Down" (Leon Rosselson); "I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight" (Richard Thompson); "Your Strange Ways" (me); "As Time Goes By" (Dooley Wilson); "The Hangman and the Papist" (Strawbs). Laugh a minute that last one!

  2. Congrats, Nev. Sorry I missed it. Glad you did YDOE!

  3. Haha, only that you said the rock n roll wasn't from you, so I wanted to know what you had sung.
    Nothing else in that little question Nev. I should have said
    So what did you sing?
    or maybe
    So what did you sing (since you told us what you drank).
    Or maybe I should shut up. ;)

    and the word verification is pilsdos, only I'm sure Pils doesn't 'do' at all, not on this blog.

  4. I suppose you're right; this is the first mention of pils on this blog!


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