Tuesday 10 August 2010

Ten beasts?

Looking at the visitor counter on ReARM just now, I noticed that it's just reached 6,666 ~ the number of ten beasts?

This blog was originally set up in March 2009 to replace the flyers about local music events in real ale pubs which I used to print and pass around the places I went to. I'm sure most of them ended up as waste paper unread, as is the nature of such things. I felt it wasn't a very effective way of disseminating information, until I got the idea of a blog from chatting to my old friend Tandleman at the National Winter Ale Festival.

I didn't install the counter until September. You can choose any starting figure, so I could have started it at - say - ten thousand, but chose 0. The stats counter tells me that the most popular page is the events page, which is good, seeing it's the reason why I set up the blog in the first place. The Southport Beer Festival is currently the second most popular page, and various of my postings have followed close behind. I'll never attain the readership that some other bloggers do because of the very local nature of much of what I write, although I was interested to see I've had one reader from Korea in the last few days. There always seems to be a few Americans and a selection from other countries, but 94.8% are unsurprisingly from Britain.

There are peaks and troughs - the highest figure for visitors in one day is 76 and the lowest is 4 - but overall the number of readers is slowly rising, so I think it's worth continuing.

Now that I've finished typing this, it's up to 6,669.


  1. If you want really geeky stats, Google Analytics is the way to go, with maps and all manner of graphs.

  2. Hmmm ... tempting, but I don't want to be called a geek! Assuming I'm not already, that is.

  3. This is a very strange coinsidence as I was recently sent some "number of the beast" ale to review! :-o


  4. As a semi-retired metal-head, I must keep an eye out for it.

  5. Nev - 93.4% of my hits on "R&R" come from the UK. One guy appears to have been on for 21 hours! I've also had hit from the USA, Spain, Russia and Viet-Nam. There have been no hits from Iran.


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