Friday, 10 September 2010

Lion Singaround + Meet The Brewer + Beer Festival

The bar in the Lion.
Our third singaround in the Lion went rather well: six performers, including a couple of new people. There was a young group consisting of three Englishmen and an American woman, who were already there when we arrived. They chatted through a few songs, as is their right - it is a pub after all - but then they began to listen, ask us about the songs, and were very appreciative, to the extent that when I did "The World Upside Down" about the Diggers, I ended in an historical discussion with one of them. When songs and tunes finished, I could hear drinkers elsewhere in the pub clapping.  These sessions do seem to be quite successful - I'm pleased as it's the first time I've organised such a thing in Liverpool. I even had a request from one singer to increase the frequency, but it's too soon to be thinking of that. But who knows in time?

I noticed a poster advertising a Meet The Brewer Night next Thursday the 16th September in the Lion from 8.00pm. The brewer concerned will be from J. W. Lees of Middleton, Greater Manchester.

This pub also has a beer festival for one week from Wednesday 22nd September with a good range of beers lined up.


  1. Blimey - I wonder who'll come from Lees?

  2. No idea, it didn't say, but the Lion usually has Lees Bitter on, which is unusual for Liverpool.


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