Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Mini Oktoberfest

The Inn Beer Shop
This Friday, the 1st October, the Inn Beer Shop will be holding an Oktoberfest Day with fine beers and German food delicacies on offer. 

For those of you who don't know it, the Inn Beer Shop is at the northern end of Lord Street, opposite Farmfoods. It stocks more than 300 bottled beers from Britain, Germany and Belgium, and you can drink them there in the café area or take them away. It has a pavement licence too, if the weather is warm enough, or if you're hard enough. They sell draught Southport beer at weekends.

I was in there on Sunday afternoon for CAMRA stalwart Mike Perkins' 'significant' birthday drink. I had a Erdinger Weissbier Kristalklar, which I suspect is rather unimaginative, but I know little about these beers, then a Rauchbier on Ian Wareing's recommendation, which was smoky as the name suggests. A bit of a shock to the tastebuds, but I liked it once I got used to it.

Do try to visit the Oktoberfest Day, but note the shop closes at 7.00 pm.


  1. On a friday and it closes at 7pm? It will be a minifest - I wonder how many people will be able to make it down within that timeframe.

    I for one won't be able to get there in time! :(

  2. Baron: I don't know why that's the closing time - their licence perhaps? But you're right; it's not convenient for many people.

    CL: I haven't a clue about Foster's prices, but did you see this exciting proposed development from Foster's?


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