Sunday, 5 June 2011

Singing in Southport & Liverpool

Unusually, two music sessions I run will fall into one week:

Þ  First Monday singaround in the Guest House in Union Street, Southport. Good range of real ale in a comfortable wood-panelled pub.  That's tomorrow night, 6 June.
Þ  Second Thursday singaround in the Lion in Moorfields, Liverpool. Another attractive pub with a good range of ales, across the road from Moorfields Station.  It's on this Thursday 9 June,

Both begin at around 8.30pm, are free and you sing only if you want to.  All welcome.


  1. Hi Nev,
    I've been meaning to come up to the Guest House singaround for a while know, don't know when I'll get a chance though. What kind of singaround is it, is it similar in feel to the Lion one, or is it less folk-oriented?

  2. Rather similar, as it's run by me! The Lion is probably more trad, but that's only because of who turns up, not because of any policy. All styles welcome at both, as far as I'm concerned.


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