Friday, 17 June 2011

Two Bothy gigs in a week

Guests at the Bothy over the next week range from an experienced and craftsman-like stalwart of the folk scene to a young group imbued with youthful energy and enthusiasm.  Both acts are very enjoyable, although in quite different ways as you'd expect.

This Sunday, the 19th June, John Kelly, "the harmonium hero" is the guest.  A singer of mostly traditional material, John was first drawn into music performance, like many others, by skiffle and slid via the 'pop folk' of the 60s towards traditional music.  He has played with the fondly remembered local Irish group Il Danach, he has been involved in various folk and traditional music ventures over the years, he dances or is a musician for Morris sides, and he does play more than just the harmonium.  A slightly out of date website can be found here.

On Thursday the 23rd June, the Bothy is putting on one of its Thursday specials with Isambarde.  This young group appeared at the Bothy almost exactly a year ago on 20th June and went down very well.  If you've seen them before and enjoyed what they do, you'd better come along next Thursday because the group will be splitting up this Autumn and their appearance in Southport is part of their farewell tour.

Both events are at the Bothy Folk Club, Park Road West, Southport, PR9 0JS.  get there for 8-00pm.  The beer will be real Thwaites Wainwright.

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