Sunday, 28 August 2011

1st Ship Inn Beer Festival

The Ship Inn (also known as the Blood Tub), an attractive canalside pub in Lathom near Burscough, will be holding its first Beer, Cider, Pie and Sausage Festival from the 9 to 11 September.  It will be run in a marquee next to the pub and will feature:
  • 32 cask ales.
  • 11 ciders.
  • Ship Ale of the Year voting.
  • Moorhouse’s v. Great Britain Challenge.
  • King Pie competition: 12 varieties prepared by their own chefs.
  • Sausage barbeque.
  • Live music.
The Ship is at 4 Wheat Lane, Lathom, Lancashire, L40 4BX, which is less than a mile from both Burscough Junction and Burscough Bridge railway stations.

The nickname Blood Tub apparently refers to the barrels of blood, used for black puddings, which were carried on the adjacent Leeds-Liverpool canal.


  1. Can confirm some of the ales that will be on offer across the weekend...

    Nweark Castle Brown, Beartown Polar Eclipse, Empire Strikes Back, Norman's Conquest, Frog Island Best Bitter, Jarrow IPA, Granny wouldn't like it, Whiter Shade of Pale, Top Totty, Heligan Honey, 80/-, Lighthouse IPA, Ginger Pale Ale, Dark Star Espresso, Fuzzy Duck Feathers, Copper Dragon Black Gold, Brown Cow Sessions, The Big Lamp Bitter, Hoskins IPA and Challengers Revenge.

    In addition we will also have the full range from Moorhouses and a variety of Ciders! Should be a good weekend!

  2. I've just got my copy of the 2012 Good Beer Guide and I can not find the Ship! Surley it must be in. Am I looking in the right place?

  3. It's possible that a change of licensee disqualified it for this one, but I'm not certain. I know it was going through a bad patch a couple of years ago.

  4. It was going through a dreadful patch a couple of years ago. Cains took it over and swamped it with their beers, and people simply boycotted the place. It ended up closing for a short while. The landlord refused to leave and even barricaded himself upstairs! Since then it's had a major re-furbishment and Southport CAMRA awarded it pub of the season. Personally I would have thought if it was good enough for a Pub of the Season Award it would be good enought for inclusion....

    Yes I know I spelt surely incorrectly!

  5. Possibly all very true but they serve decent continental lagers as well.


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