Monday, 29 August 2011

Everyman folk Fly to new venue

Chris and Hughie Jones's folk club at the Everyman Theatre has moved to a new venue following the closure of the theatre for a major rebuild.  Their folk club now meets on Wednesday nights (instead of Tuesday) upstairs in the Fly In The Loaf, 13 Hardman Street, Liverpool.  As before, admission is free, although they will as before hold a raffle and pass the hat around.

The Fly In The Loaf was formerly the wine bar Kirklands, which was named after a bakery, once boasting a royal warrant, that used to occupy these premises.  It has six changing cask ales, and is worth a visit anyway, although in my opinion not when the big screen sports are on as they tend to dominate everything completely, something I regard as completely unnecessary in a pub this size.  The building itself is distinctive and interesting both inside and out, as the picture suggests.

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