Thursday, 2 February 2012

Ship In A Bottle

I'd heard some murmurings for a while about "the shop" in relation to the excellent Ship and Mitre in Dale Street, Liverpool - now I know what they were all about:  Ben Garner, the licensee of the pub, has opened a bottled beer shop in Liverpool called - rather neatly, I think - Ship In A Bottle.  Describing itself modestly as a "bespoke off-licence unlike any other you will find in the City", it is currently selling 250 different beers from around the world (including some from Britain) and 28 bottled ciders.  The website is still being developed, but you can see loads of pictures of what they're selling here.  Southport has had the similar Inn Beer Shop for a couple of years now, and its success in a much smaller town suggests that there should be a market in Liverpool for this venture to succeed.

You'll find it at 45A Whitechapel, L1 6DT, close to the junction with Sir Thomas Street, and it's open seven days a week.

Map adapted from one by Dennis Jones, Merseyside CAMRA.  Used with permission.


  1. Very impressive selection, but at £2.75 for a 500 ml bottle of beer or cider I don't think Tesco will be quaking in their boots.

  2. They're onto a winner I hope. I think I got 6 bottles for £12 on the USA / Aus bottles which I thought was a really good price.

    I thought their prices were at least comparable to the excellent Inn Beer Shop in Southport.

    I also think there's a 20% off thing in the new Merseyale?

  3. I hadn't noticed that, but you're right: there is a 20% discount voucher off first purchase on page 18 of Merseyale.

  4. Aye, The prices of some bottles in The Ship in a Bottle may not be able to match those in Tesco or Asda but they have a far wider selection than any supermarket I have ever been to! It is all well and good saying Tesco sell some bottles for a better price but if you're hankering for a beer that is not so mainstream then I for one would pay the price rather than settle. A great example would be the Marble Ginger or Chocolate priced at £2.90, I have not seen these bottles at such a good price anywhere else, even in the Marble brewery tap!


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