Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Whingeing in the House

In view of the recent kerfuffle about Slater's Top Totty in the Houses of Parliament, if I were an MP, I'd be inclined to propose this beer for a laugh:  George Wright's Whingers Bitter.  It was on in the Guest House the other night when we had our singaround there, and when I ordered it by name, the barman said "No surprises there!"  I found it pleasant enough, a little pale for a bitter, but not as distinctive as other beers from George Wright, and on the night I ended up with Three B's Doff Cocker, perhaps another name that may raise a few of our legislators' eyebrows (although Doffcocker is actually a place name).

So if any MPs read this blog, here's your next nomination for the Strangers Bar.

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