Tuesday, 17 September 2013

From A Distance - the Americana festival

This weekend, the Atkinson arts centre in Southport presents its first Americana festival from 20 to 22 September. Guest artists artists include:

l Sarah McQuaid & The Carrivick Sisters
l Sarah Savoy & The Francadians
l Peggy Seeger & special guest Thea Hopkins
l Chastity Brown & Annie Keating
l Kelly Joe Phelps
l Liverpool Harmonic Gospel Choir with Chastity Brown
l Police Dog Hogan
l Trouble In The Fields – A Tribute to Nanci Griffith featuring The Kennedys

The following artists will play free in the foyer:

photo of Sarah McQuaid & The Carrivick Sisters
Sarah McQuaid
l The Grateful Fred Band (foyer session hosts)
l Steve Chapman-Smith
l Peter Aldridge
l The Southbound Attic Band
l The Big I Am
l The Susie Jones Band
l The Good Intentions

There will be several workshops during the weekend as well.
For more details of the artists, dates, times and tickets, click here.


  1. Peggy Seeger!

    Don't know anything about any of the others, but still. Peggy feckin' Seeger!

    (Proudest moment on Mudcat: inspiring Eliza Carthy to sign herself "eliza 'f' c", for very much the same reason. Long-ish story.)

  2. I agree - Peggy Seeger is a legend. The last time I saw her perform was at an anti-BNP demo in Leeds, so she hasn't lost the old fire.

  3. Great lineup. The tribute to Nanci Griffith also sounds good.


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