Monday, 27 July 2015

Cork Jackets and Drill

In December 1886, the worst lifeboat disaster in RNLI history occurred on the Southport coast. Two lifeboats, Southport's Eliza Fernley and St Annes' Laura Janet, went to the rescue of the crew of the Mexico which had run aground in a full gale. Of the 29 impoverished workingmen, mostly fishermen, crewing the two lifeboats, only two survived. A third lifeboat, the Charles Biggs, ultimately managed to rescue the twelve crew of the Mexico. There's a more detailed account on the RNLI website.

Cork Jackets and Drill, written by established local playwright Len Pentin, tells the story of that terrible night through original songs and narration. It is performed by leading singers and musicians from the local folk scene and has been doing the rounds of local pubs, clubs and community groups for a while. This week it will be performed at the Atkinson, Southport's arts centre on Lord Street, on Friday 31 July at 7.30pm. More details and tickets here.

To tie in with this special event, there will also be a free talk the same evening at 6.00pm in the gallery: “Wrecks off the Southport Coast” by Martyn Griffiths.

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