Thursday, 25 February 2016

Beerex at Cains Brewery

You can't fault Liverpool Organic Brewery for originality when choosing venues for its beer festivals: Old Christ Church in Waterloo, St Luke's bombed-out church and St George's Hall. both in Liverpool. The venue for the next one is the former Cains Brewery in Liverpool. This was previously the Higsons Brewery until Whitbread closed it down. Cains, which later operated on the site, closed down in June 2013 with debts of more than £8 million, but fortunately the impressive building is still there. I went on several brewery trips there.

The festival will be held in the old Cains canning hall with more than 200 real ales, continental bottled beers and ciders. They tell us there will also be wines, live music, locally sourced food , and the famous Liverpool Gin, which at £48 a bottle is for wealthy alkies only.

More info here.


  1. Hope it's a success. Liverpool Organic could do with a pub/Tap; I've had good and bad versions of their beers on Merseyside so not sure what to think.

    Do you know if there's any positive news on the development of the brewery site Nev ?

  2. Nicely timed for the CAMRA Members' Weekend.

  3. Martin: I've heard nothing about that; if I do, I'll put it on here. I'm surprised LOB haven't opened a tap by now.
    John: I only realised that after I'd written the post, but I doubt it's a coincidence.


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