Friday, 5 February 2016

Yet another Parliamentary cover-up!

Before                            After
It seems that cover-ups are an ingrained habit for our leaders. Dorset brewery Cerne Abbas were pleased when their Ale went on sale in the Strangers Bar in the Palace of Westminster, but it seems that it was too strong for our politicians: not the beer, but the pumpclip. The brewery's trade mark is the famous Cerne Abbas chalk giant, but someone has decided to preserve his modesty.

Cerne Abbas brewery, which has only been going for 15 months, has said that no one has taken offence before. Parliamentary beer group chairman Andrew Griffiths MP said: "The beer pump has the famous chalk man on the front of it and he is particularly well-endowed. That caused some consternation among the authorities here in Parliament and so a photocopy of a fig leaf was Blu-tacked in the strategic place. I think honourable members have got their knickers in a twist, but I hope as a result of it they drink a bit more beer."

Personally, I find such coyness rather surprising, coming as it does from a class of people who normally have no compunction in shafting the rest of us on a regular basis.

The brewery's slogan is, 'The modest brewery with giant integrity'.


  1. Out of interest, can you explain - and I'd like specifics here, please - how and why politicians as a whole have "shafted" you? For bonus points, tell us in what way politicians constitute a "class"? I suspect you won't be able to answer.

  2. Melvin: it was just a mildly sarcastic side-swipe in what was meant to be a light-hearted post. I've been actively involved in politics of one sort or another since 1973 and I could give you a very lengthy answer, but this is not the place for it as it's a beer & music blog.

    As for my use of the word 'class', click here.


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