Friday, 8 April 2016

Dreaming of beer

I had the most awful nightmare last night: I was drinking in a large group, someone had pinched my pint, and I wasn't able to identify the minesweeper to reclaim it. However, in my dream, I was trying to think of ways of preventing such a disaster happening again in future. Ideas I came up with were:
  1. Scratching a mark on my glass.
  2. Putting a rubber band or a woman's hair band (!) around my glass. 
  3. Drinking only Enville beers, as Enville is an anagram for Neville.
Although there are flaws in some of these ideas - I don't own a diamond and anyway the licensee mightn't like the glass to be scratched, and I don't come across Enville beers very often - I'm rather pleased that my subconscious mind was trying inventively to address one of the burning issues in life.

For info, the stolen beer was a pale or golden one.


  1. Interesting that you devised a personal individualistic defensive strategy rather than create a fairer and more decent and equitable pub where all patrons were catered for and none had need to minesweep ;)

  2. Unfortunately I woke up before the end of the dream, so I never got to the bit where we'd develop the collective will to create an egalitarian world of beer drinkers. Although, in the interests of diversity and to prevent the formation of new élites, we'd need to include the consumers of all forms of alcohol.

  3. Oh well, life can't be that bad if that's your worst nightmare! Think of it as an altruistic donation to some poor sod who couldn't afford to buy a pint!

    1. In other words, a form of redistribution of wealth.

    2. Which you instinctively considered theft?

      Dear me.

      Learn to love confiscatory levels of taxation, buddy.

      You'll be off supping in pubs in Panama next with your mates Gideon & Dave.

    3. No chance: no decent beer in Panama.


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