Friday, 1 April 2016

Metropolitan humiliation!

The local authority that covers Southport, Sefton MBC, is facing a £64.4 million shortfall that that they will have to deal with by savage cuts to local services. We've already lost a load of libraries, and other services have been cut to the bone. While I appreciate the cutbacks have been caused, not by the council itself, but by this pernicious government and its failing policy of endless austerity, I think there has to be a line drawn beyond which no council should go.

I'm not very happy to see that the council has accepted sponsorship from a major national brewer. I wouldn't have minded quite so much if it had been a company such as, say, Marstons - but not this.


  1. Outrageous. I've already fired off an email in disgust and if you want to organise a demonstration, I'm right behind you.

  2. Cheers, Tyson; I knew I could rely on you!

    I see this post made it onto the website of our local newspaper. Fame indeed.


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