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Thursday, 13 October 2016

More pub losses?

Tarleton's Cock & Bottle
Bad news about the Cock & Bottle, a Thwaites pub in Tareton, Lancs: it closed on 5 October and a sign appeared stating: "Due to unforseen [sic] circumstances we will close tonight (wed) and reopen on Sat 8th Oct". Unfortunately, the promised reopening did not happen.

Thwaites are now saying: "The pub has been abandoned by the lease holder and we intend to recover possession today. We will be working with a new operator to get it reopened as soon as possible and medium term we will be investing in the pub, ensuring The Cock and Bottle is at the heart of the community and the fantastic pub we know it can become and that the people of Tarleton deserve."

I like the Cock & Bottle because, even though it is very much food-oriented, it is a pleasant place that still has room for people who just want a drink. It's a bit out of my way, but I have called in on CAMRA business every so often.

Our local paper, the Southport Visiter, published the news of this on Facebook, and underneath someone commented that the Shrimper in Marshside (in the north part of Southport) and the Old Ship in the town centre are both likely to close in the near future. So far I know no more than that. The Old Ship was my local for many years in the 80s and 90s and although it's not the pub it used to be, I'd be sorry to see it go. The Shrimper has been the home of jazz nights for many years now.


  1. Take it on Nev. I'd love to buy a pint of lout in the Nev Arms.

    1. When I open the Nev Arms, I'll invite you to cut the ribbon.


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