Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Who's singing? You or the computer?

I've just been listening to BBC Radio 2 late at night and I have been dismayed - not for the first time - by how many singers have, in my judgement, had their voices adjusted by Autotune. If you can't sing in tune, you have no right to fob off a fake product on the public.

Judging by this image I found on-line, I am clearly not alone in regarding Autotune as the musical equivalent of sports people using performance-enhancing drugs. In both cases, the public is being conned.

For the record, I am on at least 18 albums (possibly more), and I know I can sing in tune without computerised assistance. That's not just my opinion: it's also the view of a friend who has perfect pitch. And I'm just a local, mostly amateur, singer.


  1. I would have thought a leftie like you would appreciate a technology that eliminates the tyranny of talent and makes all singers equal?

    1. An egalitarian levelling of the playing field in music? Hadn't thought of that - now what would Marx say?

    2. There's more than one?!


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