Monday, 6 April 2009

Bothy comes up trumps!

At the Bothy Folk Club last night, the audience were told that the guest singer, Pete Wood, had had to cancel because of a family bereavement. Cancellations are rare at the Bothy, but the club swung into action to fill the void. Bothy webmaster (or should that be web squire?), Les Brown, was sent home to get his instruments, residents who hadn't been on the rota to sing were pressed into service, floor singers in the audience stepped forward, guitars were passed around, and an unplanned evening of spontaneous entertainment took place. Visitors from Whitby, Ken and Marianne Hall, ended up with longer spots than they had expected, and went down well. Keith Giddens, Les Brown, Carole Ellis, Ian & Sue Wells, and Geoff Parry, up from London for a brief visit, all made welcome contributions to the night that they hadn't expected to be doing. Clive, who ran the night, was suffering from a cold, but still put in a couple of his individual songs. Some Bothy regulars say they prefer the singers nights to the guests nights, and with such a range of talent in the audience, it's not hard to see why. To cap the evening, the Thwaites Bomber was on particularly good form as well. Clive undertook to send the club's condolences to Pete, and assured us that he will be booked again in the future.

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