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Thursday, 9 April 2009

The Globe, Liverpool

I was in Liverpool yesterday, having been called out of retirement to apply my experience to a union personal case, and afterwards my companion and I decided to go for a drink in the Globe in Cases Street, which is right opposite Central Station in Liverpool. This small pub with its famous sloping floor is a genuine local in the heart of the city centre, and always has between 3 and 5 real ales on. The bar staff is excellent, keeping an eye on who's been waiting, so even if it's busy, you are unlikely to be kept long. The tiny back room has a plaque commemorating the founding of the Liverpool Branch of CAMRA there in the 1970s. The pub tends to have music playing, usually from the 50s and 60s, and on busy nights you can sometimes end up with a community singalong. As I say, it's a real local, the people are always friendly, and a good place to go when waiting for a train, although I've occasionally missed the following two or three as well.

The beer I tried was Lancaster Amber Ale, which I hadn't had before. I enjoyed it so much that I had a couple more, which is unusual for me with a 3.7% ale. The brewery website says: "Punching above its weight in flavour, Amber, at 3.7% abv, is a low strength bitter that is dark gold in colour and complements its flavour profile with an abundantly hoppy bouquet allowing the drinker to relish subtle floral and citrus aromas." Allowing for brewery hyperbole, this isn't too far from the mark. And I managed to miss the next train.


  1. Not been there for years, glad all is well there and that they still have those light lunchtime beers I used to enjoy so much when I worked in Liverpool.

  2. Was present at that inaugural meeting in 1974 and did the presentation of that plaque to the late Tony Wilson (Molyneux)25 years later. Still one of the few pubs left in the city centre with any character/s! I agree Nev, the bar team is impeccable and the CD playlist likewise - 50s and 60s classics. Even better atmosphere since the smoking ban 'cos with the small size of the place, passive smoking was at a weapons-grade level.

  3. I've had some good nights there over the last few months. Recently, after a union meeting, I ended up being dragged up to dance by a rep for whom the term statuesque might have been invented ~ you don't say no, and I was happy not to. The guest speaker for the meeting was having such a good time in the Globe that she was offered a bed for the night & decided to miss her train.

  4. Had some good times in there in the old days drinking my beloved Higsons.

  5. Higsons ~ quite right too, and I can't think of any other beer whose loss is still so widely mourned after so many years.

  6. Any news on the "new" Bootle-brewed Higsons?

    Seems to have gone very quiet.

  7. New Higsons brewery: I don't know what's happening here, but I'll try to find out and post it on this blog. I had some Higsons beers in the Lion in Liverpool last year, but haven't seen it since. A pity, as I think the bitter is about as close to the original Higsons that we could expect to find. The 'latest news' on their website is 16 months old.


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