Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Higson's Mystery

I attended a Higson's beers night at the Lion in Moorfields, Liverpool, on 29th September last year. Several Higson's beers were on and were quite enjoyable, although the bitter wasn't quite as I remember the legendary beer of the past, but it was probably as close as you can get after all this time. Since then, I haven't seen Higson's anywhere, and no one else I have asked has seen it either. I can't find any information on the internet and the Higson's website is 16 months out of date. I asked Liverpool CAMRA who told me, "Had some problems with drainage, no other info recently, and no sign of the beers."

Higson's remains a much-missed beer, fondly remembered by Liverpool drinkers after Whitbread closed the brewery in the early 1990s and moved production across the country before finally killing it off. The revived Higsons did raise some hopes that we could have it back again, or at least something like it, but it doesn't look promising at present. We'll see...


  1. Keep us informed on that one please.

  2. I have to say that, in my opinion, the revived Higsons tasted nothing like the beer it purported to ape - that isn't just some rosy-tinted nostalgia - it simply wan't the same. How could it be? Different plant, different water at the very least would make for a whole new product. Where was the flavour? A watery brew and did anyone see any Mild either? I didn't. Hence no tears from me if the revamped product has left the building. Subjective of course, but for me, - le Higsons nouveau? Quel horreur!

  3. It was on at the last NWAF but one and I thought it a good attempt.

  4. I notice the website has mild as a seasonal beer for May. I think everyone would agree that the original has gone forever, and can't be recreated. Whether the new Higson's is a near miss or has no resemblance is very difficult to judge, seeing that Liverpool-brewed Higson's disappeared in 1990. The fact that the new Higson's doesn't seem to flourishing might suggest that local beer drinkers tend to agree with you, Clive.

  5. Even if it's not the same, it was a decent session beer by a local brewer. Wish it all the success in the world and will drink on sight

  6. The new Liverpool Organic Brewery (Bootle) has bought Higson's 10-barrel brewplant & shipped it half a mile down the road.

    As well as their range of organic beers, they are said to be planning to brew Higson's under licence.

    I was also at the Lion Tavern that night & found the bitter just awful (cloudy, sour, undrinkable) on talking to the brewing consultant (formerly of Higsons) he said it had been brewed weeks ago & for some reason the owner had no qualms about offering stale beer at a meet-the-brewer event!

    I had the stout, which in contrast was very pleasant & fresh.

    As I've mentioned elsewhere online, there are several folks who've been left with a bitter taste in their mouth after dealing with this resurrected then re-deceased once-loved brewery - pubs sold bad beer, a contracted employee left without wages & the rumour now is that Merseyside Special Investment Fund (the EC/Govt-funded business-support quango who bank-rolled him) had a legal charge on the plant that he has recently just sold on!

    Great brand name, lots of good feeling in the city & further afield, sadly squandered by a chancer & a muppet.

  7. the transfer of the brewery equipment is all legal and above board, the beers which where dumbed down will be resurected! I have a feeling the above post was made by the contracted employee who was left with out wages, an action which we as the current licenced brewers of higsons do not condone,Higsons will be back and with a proper hoppy bite too

    critch, head brewer, liverpool organic brewery


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