Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Liverpool and Fleetwood Beer Festivals

I was asked earlier today why I haven't mentioned on ReARM the Liverpool Beer Festival which runs this week from Thursday to Saturday, when I have previously written about festivals in Wigan, St Helens, Preston, Manchester, Scotland Road and Atherton (as well as Southport, obviously). The answer is that tickets sold out a couple of months ago and you can't get in on the door, so there's little point in mentioning it. If you want to know what you're missing, a report in the Liverpool Echo can be found here.

However, if you do fancy going to a beer festival over the next 3 days, the 28th Fleetwood Beer Festival is on too ~ click here for details. I've not been there for a few years, but it was always a good one.


  1. I used to go every year, but you just can't get tickets. I believe they stopped their poostal tickets. Shame. It's a good do.

  2. Queueing in November to buy tickets for a festival in February is something I'm not prepared to do. However a friend who can't go has passed theirs on to me, so I'll be there on Saturday.

    One way to get a ticket is to be well in with the CAMRA Branch or with someone who has volunteered to work there. So it's sometimes a matter of who you know.

  3. I'd intended to go today via X2 bus to Preston and then the 'Fylde Villager' onward to Fleetwood. In the event, I didn't make it. Last year I embarked on the trek - took 3 hours from Crosby, arriving at 12.40 and leaving again at 15.45 to hit the connection back home.
    The Fylde Villager Service 80 is aptly named - it calls at every one of 'em, which is absorbing on the way there, but after time spent at a Beer Festival the leg-crossing and whistling Dixie gets a tad wearing. I'd never been more pleased to enter the Gents at Preston bus station, (no, really) but then another 90 minute journey from there produced the same discomfort round about Mere Brow as I recall.
    Maybe I made the right decision this year?


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