Friday, 4 June 2010

New singaround at the Lion in Liverpool

A few weeks ago, I was having a pint in the Lion in Moorfields, Liverpool, when I saw Sean, whom I knew from the Mason's in Southport. He has run the Lion since the previous licensee left to run the Belvedere in Falkner Street. He asked about having a singaround in the Lion along the lines of the Mason's singarounds. I said I'd give it some thought, but as I couldn't see how I could get someone from Liverpool to organise it, I finally decided to do so myself. As it's only a 42 minute train ride from Southport and just across the road from Moorfields station, the journey isn't a problem.

The singaround will take place on the second Thursday of the month between around 8.00 and 11.00pm, and the first one is on the 8th July. It's free, very informal, there's no PA and if you want to perform just roll up. If you simply want to listen, that's fine as well. There's no restriction on the style of music, except it has to be acoustic.

The Lion is noted for its range of good real ales. The regulars are Deuchars IPA, JW Lees Bitter and Youngs bitter, with changing guest beers too. A fuller description of this unspoilt city pub is in my Dale Street pub crawl (it's pub number 6).

The second Thursday was chosen to avoid a clash with the Woody Guthrie Folk Club which meets around the corner in the Ship and Mitre on the last Thursday of the month.

The picture shows the Lion steam engine, built in 1837,
after which the pub was named.

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  1. Clive Pownceby7 June 2010 at 10:42

    Best of luck with this venture Nev. Seems like Liverpool's Folk/acoustic scene is picking up again after years in the doldrums. Time was, of course, when one was spoilt for choice ANY night of the week in the city, when deciding where to go to hear 'the people's music.'
    Grand pub and handy for Moorfields station.


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