Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Truman's is back

I got this piece of information from Melissa Cole's blog. Old London brewery, Truman's, founded in 1666 and by the late 19th century the biggest brewery in the world, has been refounded by a couple of beer enthusiasts; there's a lot more information on their website. Truman's name was sullied for beer drinkers by its embracing of keg, a move which contributed to its decline and eventual closure by Grand Metropolitan in 1989.

I don't recall ever seeing Truman's in Merseyside; if it was sold around here, it would have been rarity. But the famous name at least is back. I don't know whether they have revived an old recipe, as has been tried with our local Higsons, or whether it's a new beer altogether, as was done with Cain's. What I find interesting is the fact that brewers like to revive the old familiar names from the past. Nostalgia, I suppose ~ and nothing wrong with that.


  1. It seems to be an original recipe. I just emailed a mate of mine who used to brew there with the news. He is delighted.

  2. I hope this is the start of a trend. Anyone out there want to brew Watney's Red Barrel?
    Pre-keg of course.

  3. Tandleman, tell your mate to get in touch. They are keen to contact ex-Truman people.

    Surely they should be brewing stout though?

  4. Real Watney's Red Barrel? No such thing - ever.

  5. "Real Watney's Red Barrel? No such thing" But wouldn't it be a wonderful irony?

  6. Actually you're right: the idea is rather appealing in a bizarre sort of way.

  7. Steve Bramhill15 June 2010 at 23:10

    Trumans used to run the Bulls Head as I recall. This was in Moor Street Liverpool which runs parallel to James Street at the rear of the station. The pub disappeared when the Cornmarket (originally a Wilsons) house was expanded

  8. Steve: I don't remember that pub at all. It probably went before I was drinking regularly in the city centre.


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