Monday, 18 October 2010

Ewan McLennan at the Mount

"Place To Be" returns with a special guest singer a week tomorrow - Ewan McLennan, who has been  performing at many festivals, clubs, and concert halls across the country over the last year. Radio 2’s Mike Harding said "he sings beautifully, with great sincerity, great empathy, he's terrific!”, while his classical-influenced folk guitar playing has been described as “stunning”. His music has been shaped by traditional music from around Britain and beyond, with a particular focus on the music of Scotland where he was brought up. But Ewan has developed a unique sound of his own in which traditional songs rub shoulders with his own self-penned songs.

Ewan is an up-and-coming young folk performer.  You can see him in the upstairs function room in the Mount Pleasant, Manchester Road, Southport, PR9 9BD, which is a short walk from the town centre. Admission is £7.50.


  1. Is it safe to go back to the Mount now, then?

    I mean he looks like a ninja bandit singster dude, but I wouldn't even risk my life in there if Lucy Kaplansky was doing a concern in the buff.

    Unless you told me it was safe. And she was.

  2. Only Tetley Bitter, I'm afraid ~ and no Lucy.

  3. Thanks for posting Nev.

    Dave - It's upstairs in The Alexandra Suite, so away from the main pub. Not sure of your experience, but it is certainly a safe 'Place to Be'.

    Please don't let this put anybody off, the new(ish)landlady Jo does a great job of running the pub, and the room upstairs is lovely.

    Cheers, Rich

  4. I get to listen to a lot of 'young hopefuls' as a reviewer for various periodicals and also the regular plop of CDs on my doormat in my capacity as Organiser for a local music Club, is a familiar sound arising from persons touting for work. Many of these earnest would-be gigsters think they've either got a handle on nu-folk (strewth!) or the Tradition.
    Ho,hum then but as soon as I heard Ewan's debut album, I could tell he has a talent far beyond his years, and I'd surely recommend this date to anyone with a regard for meaningful songs that tell a story. He has one or two own-write songs though it's mainly tried and tested material in which he specialises, but anyone doubting the power and relevance of traditional song to modern-day life would be well advised to cock an ear in his direction.
    I'm looking forward to this one and all credit to Rich for setting this up - he beat me to it!!!!

  5. And Clive does know a good thing when he hears it.


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