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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Days by Kirsty MacColl

Kirsty MacColl was a great singer, songwriter and interpreter of other people's songs and doubtless everyone has already overdosed on Fairytale of New York ~ a great song she recorded with the Pogues, but grossly overplayed at this time of the year, along Slade, Wizzard, Wham!, Paul McCartney et al.

I personally love her cover of the Ray Davies song, Days, so simply for that reason, here it is.

Kirsty MacColl died 10 years ago today.


  1. Kirsty MacColl was brilliant and missed terribly. I watched a video of Billy Bragg, who I believe was a good friend of hers, playing New England a few months back and he played Kirsty's extra verses as well as his own.

  2. Yes, I understand that since she died, he has always played the Kirsty version of the song.

  3. Yes BB has always played the KM version of New England ever since her death. She really was very talented and just coming into her own at the time of her death. A death which under the joke that passes as the Mexican justice system was only worth some £61.

  4. RIP Kirsty ... hopefully someday you'll get the justice you deserve

  5. There's a celebration of Kirsty's life tonight on BBC Radio 2 at 22:00 GMT

  6. I'll certainly listen to that programme. Clearly Kirsty is sadly missed by quite a few people, judging by responses here and to what I wrote on Facebook.

  7. You can still listen to that radio show on the BBC iPlayer.


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