Friday, 13 May 2011

A Liverpool Folk Song A Week

Liverpool Castle, c. 1680
The singaround in the Lion Tavern last night went rather well with 9 singers turning up performing a wide variety of songs, both traditional and contemporary, but as I recall, no pop songs, current or old, that sometimes feature in sessions nowadays.  They're fine in small doses, but in excess can discourage the more folk-oriented singers from coming along. 

The beers were particularly interesting too, with Frodsham Buzzin', a golden fruity bitter with a hint of honey and a dry finish (from their website), and George Wright Blue Moon, which was 5%, so I saved that for later in the evening.  Both were new to me.

One singer Richard, the lanky one who comes to the Lion (his words, not mine), reminded me that he's sent me a link to his own blog, A Liverpool Folk Song A Week, which he aims to keep up for a year.  I've now put a link to it in my blogs of interest list on the right, for anyone who would like to follow this interesting project as it develops.

The next Lion singaround is on 9 June.

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