Thursday, 19 July 2012

Freshfield Hotel to reopen next Monday

The closure of the Freshfield caused local real ale drinkers some concern, especially when we heard it was to be converted to a Hungry Horse, which is primarily a food-orientated chain; I expressed the worries in a post last August here. The good news is that, whatever the status of the food, the beer range will actually be increased with 14 handpumps being installed. The pub reopens on Monday 23 July.

Steve and Simon, the new licensees, have made an offer to local CAMRA members: from 5.00 p.m. tomorrow night (Friday) the pub will be open for drinks and canapĂ©s selected from the new menu, and between 3.00 p.m. and 5.00 p.m. on Saturday 21 July, any card-carrying CAMRA member will be given a free pint courtesy of Steve and Simon. Unfortunately, I'm already booked up on both days, but they asked us to pass on the word. It's all looking quite promising.

The Freshfield Hotel is at 1 Massams Lane, Formby, L37 7BD, and is about 10 minutes' walk from Freshfield Station.


  1. Went there on Friday evening.Really enjoyed Best Bitter(Liverpool Organic) and Jeffrey Hudson Bitter(Oakham).As for the decor:
    Looks like the plasterer did'nt finish the job.Off to Medoc region of France on Tuesday to drink some red.

  2. Managed to get there on Saturday afternoon with Camra card in hand. 2 free halves (Elbow beer and Roosters Yankee I think they were). Beer was spot on, and the new decor isn't bad at all - it seemed a lot lighter than it used to be, but still looks very much like a pub. They also had a decent throng of customers for 4pm on a Saturday... Credit to them.

  3. getting things right at the beginning is important ,and it seems that the freshfield has been over run and is finding it hard to cope , afew tipps . the staff need to be split into those dealing with food and those dealing with the bar , it seems like the drinkers are being forgotten ,also the staff need a lesson in being aware of who is waiting to be served and not walking passed them with their heads down pretending they are not there ! it might also be an idea to have a bar only child free area for thoses who want to enjoy a pub as a pub , don`t loose the feel of this pub in the rush to cater for the food market please . and train your staff to keep their heads up!It`s early days yet but 1st impressions count.

  4. Aghh!! What have they done to the Freshie??? Converted it into a kindergarten teeming with mummsies and daddies and their brats...


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