Monday, 16 July 2012

Robb Johnson gig at the Bothy

Robb Johnson is a political singer-songwriter, but that description doesn't give the full flavour of the man. He is capable of invective, certainly, but he also often used humour and satire to make his points. It's not all grim-faced preaching - in fact very little of it is. A finely-tuned political awareness is the background against which he writes his well-regarded songs about a variety of issues. For instance, in 1997 he composed the song cycle Gentle Men, based on the experiences of his grandfathers in the First World War; he recorded it in collaboration with Roy Bailey, also a regular performer at the Bothy, and performed it at the commemorative Passchendaele Peace Concert.

His songs cover the whole of life, not just social and political issues. He has played at venues as diverse as picket lines and the Royal Albert Hall, and he has translated some of the songs of Jacques Brel and performed concerts celebrating his life and work. The old cliché "protest singer" is too feeble and inadequate to describe Robb and his work. What others have said:

"Love songs as touching as the political material is sharp." - Red Pepper.
"One of Britain's most challenging songwriters." - The Daily Telegraph.
"His songs are incisive and clever and witty and you can sing them on your way to work work." - Boff, Chumbawamba.

Robb is playing this Sunday 22 July at the Bothy Folk Club, which meets at the Park Golf Club, Park Road West, Southport, PR9 0JS. You get buy tickets on-line here. The venue sells real Thwaites Wainwright.


  1. Very sorry to miss it - please give "Robbo" my regards, Nev.

  2. I will do. He's staying at my place after the gig.


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