Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Sandgrounder Bar, Lord Street

Stocking Sandgrounder handily
gives the bar an instant house beer
I recently went into the new Sandgrounder Bar on Lord Street. It's in what used to be Yates's Wine Lodge, which later became the Slug and Lettuce (which I trust wasn't a menu item).

It's a sports bar with big screen televisions all over the place, but when I called, no major matches were on, so the sound was muted and there was background music instead. The place has been decorated in a pleasant, unfussy style that I'd be happy to sit in if it weren't for the TVs. I tend to find sport in pubs really irritating, not just because the TVs are usually turned up too loud, but because of the ridiculous behaviour of those watching who haven't grasped the one-way nature of TV sound. Shouting at a referee on TV is about as pointless as shouting at a traffic light.

Two real ales were on from Southport Brewery: Sandgrounder and Golden Sands, both on sale at £2.20 a pint. I had Golden Sands and as it was a lovely day I took it outside to drink under the canopy on Lord Street where there is outdoor seating. The beer was nicely cool and was well-kept, and soon began to exude that hoppy fragrance that the sun seems to bring out of real ale.

When I got my second pint, I had a chat and learnt that they hope to expand their range of real ales to four soon, but at present they are testing the water, as it were, with two, which seems sensible. I can see that this will be a popular bar - not everyone shares my views about sports on pubs - and choosing Southport beers to start with is a good move, as local beers always attract attention.

I hope this bar succeeds, and will call in again if I'm in the area when there isn't a big match on.

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