Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Greetings from the bar

Recently I was walking home with some shopping. A young woman who was walking behind me caught up with me and said, "I thought it was you!" It was one of the barmaids from the Mount Pleasant, who is always very cheerful and friendly when I go there, and who would no doubt pass Tandleman's stringent standards for female bar staff - she's even well mannered enough to smile at my jokes. We briefly chatted and went on our separate ways.

This reminded me of a few years ago when my sister from Hampshire came to visit. We were walking down Southport's Lord Street when a young woman called across, "Hi Nev!" I greeted her in return, and my sister asked who that was. I told her it was a barmaid from the Falstaff.

Five or ten minutes later, another young woman called "hello" across to me, and I replied again. My sister asked who she was, so I explained that she was a barmaid in the Guest House.

My sister commented drily: "I'm beginning to see a pattern developing here."


  1. Excuse me Nev. I have the same exacting standards whatever the gender. Of course I have no objections to them being bonny as well.

  2. Actually that doesn't read right. Just to be clear bonny barmaids are a bonus. Bonny barmen are a bonus too. But not for me.

  3. TM: I wouldn't dream of questioning your equality and diversity credentials as a pub customer.

  4. Peter mate those comments are brilliant. Proper wait er no i didn't mean er no yeah sorry bye

    Good lad

  5. Jeff and Nev: I like to think I tread the fine line very carefully.


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