Sunday 13 September 2015

Roscoe Head demo

Carol Ross heads the demo outside her pub
(click on the picture to enlarge it)
Big day in Liverpool yesterday for the Roscoe Head with a demo in the street supporting this threatened pub (I've written twice about this issue recently on the 31 August and the 6 September). Liverpool CAMRA had called the demo, and it was attended by its own members, along with members from neighbouring branches - six from my branch, Southport and West Lancs - pub regulars and some representatives of the media.

The street had been blocked off for the occasion, and I was pleased that two Liverpool councillors addressed the event; it's good to see local politicians recognise the significance of pubs like the Roscoe Head to the community and to the attractiveness of Liverpool as a destination for visitors.

I had known that the pub was one of only five to be in every Good Beer Guide, but was surprised to learn it is the only one north of Cambridge. Copies of CAMRA local magazine, Mersey Ale, were waved in the air for the cameras, along with letters of protest to be signed and sent to the boss of New River, the property company buying this pub from Punch Taverns.

When it was all over, most of us went indoors with the altruistic aim of boosting the pub's profits, although quite a few stayed outside in the street to enjoy their pints in the sunny weather. If there's a better way of showing this pub's popularity, I can't think of it.

Here again is the petition to Liverpool City Council to list the pub as an Asset of Community Value (ACV), and here is the report of the event in the Liverpool Echo.

P.S. I hear that the council as agreed the ACV, although this is subject to the agreement of the Land Registry.

If you want to write to New River, you can click on this letter, save it on your own computer and print it off. Don't forget to add your own name and address.


  1. Well done to the organizers and all who attended. I would have liked to have gone but was working, ( I have signed the petition however). I have never been to The Roscoe Head, nor indeed done any supping in Liverpool for that matter, but a pub of this standing should not be allowed to be lost. Keep The Faith !!

  2. I've signed too Nev but I used to drink there a lot. I see Jean in the photo. A great campaigner.

  3. Yes, TM: that Jean gets everywhere! Definitely an enthusiastic campaigner.


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