Friday, 11 September 2015

Rat Brewery Rata Nui

Picture borrowed from brewer's twitter feed
At my acoustic song session last night in the Lion in Liverpool, I came across a beer new to me: Rata Nui from Rat Brewery, a 5% hoppy golden ale made with New Zealand hops. The brewery is a six barrel micro in Huddersfield and is a subsidiary of Ossett Brewery. They specialise in rodent-themed beers, although I do hope this refers only to the names rather than the ingredients.

I found Rata Nui to be strongly hoppy, with some citrus but not a lot, and quite heavy: you would not mistake this for a light citrus summer beer. Once I'd discovered it, I stayed on it for the rest of the evening. I hope to see it again – good prominent flavour and in my favourite strength range. 

It was a good turnout for the music session too, with an appreciative couple who just happened to be there enjoying the music so much they offered to buy us all drinks. Always nice when that happens, but unfortunately I had to rush for my train.

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